How B.T.B.M will help you

One stop shop

The aim of is to give you a one stop shop for all your best man needs. No need to trawl through the internet to find snippets of information, generic templates or impersonal ideas that lack meaning and leave you more in doubt than when you started. With be the best man, you provide all the personal details and we provide a one of a kind service to support you all the way. By providing a personal approach we know you will be successful in all aspects of your role which will be evident when you come to the big day and stag do.

As a well seasoned best man myself, I can provide advice that others may not. From the small thing's on the day that people forget to tell you, to how to be on hand to help your bride and groom have a memorable, stress free and enjoyable day. It will not be forgotten!!
A personal approach
Here at be the best man, a personal touch is guaranteed. Unlike most websites that are written generically and have an automated response. I will personally be on hand if you have any questions and can assist with any issues or queries you may have.

Keep it all together

All you need in one convenient box. No scattered paperwork, no endless open internet tabs, no hassle. Everything you need is sent to you in one convenient box meaning everything stays together, there is room for you to make notes, highlight sections and add anything else you want into the box too. You can take it to work, to the pub or round your mates house when discussing with fellow Groomsmen.

Are you the Groom?

Are you a Groom looking for something personal? Are you looking for a different way to ask your Bestman? Be the best man can provide personalised boxes, with additional gifts to not only ask them in a unique way, but also help them pull off the task. Get in touch today!