Terry Dowding - Groom

"It's not an easy task picking your best men and ushers. Life long friends and brothers are the obvious choice. This is why I ended up with 7, one of whom was Jonnie. It is very easy to find someone that would be proud to be suited and booted on the big day and even easier to find someone to come on a 5 day bender with you. But for me, something very important to consider when choosing your Groomsmen is: are they going to make my life easier? You have one of the biggest days of your life to plan and the last thing you need is stress; Have they written a speech? Would I want it read in front of my new wife? Is the stag arranged and is everyone I want there, coming? This was the beauty of having Jonnie as one of my Ushers. Writing a speech brought my best men out in sweats - Jonnie worked through it with them. The stag do got very close - Jonnie got involved to make sure everyone knew the latest and everything was going to plan. He even took care of the shirts and costumes to make sure they didn't miss an opportunity to make me look ridiculous as possible. The same attention to detail came on the big day, taking care of introductions, getting friends and family together and ready for the photos and so on (not just working through the table wine!!) 

I think the difference between a good best man and the BEST best man is that they wont just hope you have a good send of, they will go out of their way to make sure you do.If I needed to do it all again, I would undoubtedly enlist the support of my brother Jonnie."

Michael Sargent - Groom

"There's a reason Jonnie has been asked so many times to be a part of peoples weddings. Firstly, because he is a top guy and wont let you down, secondly you know he is going to take pride in fulfilling his role. From organising the stag do, to making sure the day goes smoothly for the bride and groom. He done it for me 9 years ago and has done it many times since, now he is doing to help others and will help you do the same"

Anton Finnis - Best man

"I was recently best man at my best friends wedding. I have known him since we were 4 and being 28 now you can imagine the amount of stories we have. When it came to writing the best man speech I was at a complete blank, I googled to get inspiration but it was all a bit generic and emotionless. I spoke to Jonnie about my lack of progression with the speech and he offered to help. We spoke about how I wanted the speech to flow and he had a way of getting the stories out. Both the fun and emotional ones. I still wrote the speech, so it all still sounded like me standing up there but without Jonnie's help the content and the flow of the speech would not have been there. The jokes were timed perfectly and the emotion was there throughout.

Thank you Jonnie for all your help!!"