What will you receive?

In your Eco friendly Bethebestman.co.uk box, you will receive the following

  • A brief on how to prepare and write your speech to your own capability. This will tell you what information to include, how to include it and how to set it all out.

  • Jokes designed to help lighten the mood, strengthen the speech and pad it out if required

  • A brief on planning the stag party. This goes right back to basics including how to arrange the group, how to decide where to go and what to do and how to prepare for the weekend. 

  • Information on what is expected of you on the day (and also some advice your Bride and Groom have probably not even considered but will help them out a great deal and make you look like a don!)

  • Fun stag games and tips on keeping the group entertained.

  • Checklists to help get you ready for the big day and stag do. 

  • A few great gifts to help you along the way.


All this delivered to your front door for just